Siri Alternatives on Android OS

The Siri feature on iPhone is simply cool. One of the reasons iPhone remains the go-to-device is because of innovations such as Siri.

However, as this post points out, there are some alternatives available on Android that come close. I'm testing the Speaktoit Assistant app right now.

Personally, I don't really care to speak to my "personal assistant." Quite frankly, most of the stuff I'd say would be nonsense. Although I guess that one time I needed to "remember" how to tie a bow tie would be important. Of course, then if I was tying a bow tie I'd be insane, have achieved the "upper crust," or become President of the United States, none of which sound all that appealing.

But, if you're dying to be like an "iPhoner," then go ahead an try one of the listed apps.

Spoiler alert: all of the reviews (and I agree) say Vlingo Virtual Assistant rocks.


Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant Android App QR Code


Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo Virtual Assistant Android App QR Code

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