For several weeks I have been on a relentless quest to discover a ROM for my gTablet. I combed the user forums, read blogs, and tried various ones. Nothing came close to the perfection I sought. Thus, I continued to run my Cyanogenmod 7 ROM, which I found buggy, but absolutely functional.

That is until I discovered the Brilliant Corners ROM by the developer, Roebeet.

Brilliant Corners Android OS Screenshot

BC is a VeganTab-based ROM running on the Cyanogenmod Kernal, without some of the limits of Vegan. The CB ROM functions like CM7, without the quirky bugs (at least thus far).  The biggest setback: CB IS A FEAT TO INSTALL (4 hours for me). I used several websites to walk me through the process (Google search "brilliant corners rom gtablet").

CB requires that you be on stock ROM 1.2, which means you hard wipe (power & volume minus together) and use nvflash to clean install the factory-stock Tap'n'Tap ROM.

Although the process seems straight forward and simple (maybe it is and I'm just dumb), there are several ways to screw up, including "bricking" your device (which I did twice). Fortunately, the answers to fix them are out there. 

Once installed though, BC is awesome. The interface is clean and smooth, and there's a noticeable speed (startup and general processing) increase.

Brilliant Corners Screenshot

Additionally, CB runs Netflix brilliantly (downloadable from the Market and not as a "hack"), something that CM7 struggled to support. CB also cleans up my problem with screenshots in CM7 not to be discussed because of pride, and could never resolve.

However, there are some flaws. First, there is no OTA update for Android Market 3.0.  I waited 2 days for the update, it never came. I eventually sideloaded the update (search "Android Market 3.0. Apk"),  and it works fine.

Netflix Android Screenshot Running on Brilliant Colors ROM

This presents the second major flaw. CB is missing a lot of apps, some can't even be installed. I had to search for a lot of my favorites, including Facebook and Google+, and sideload them with their apk. This was a small pain, but I didn't really have any problems installing the apps.

Finally, the interfaces slightly annoyed me (landscape mode always? Really?). I fixed this by using VTL.Launcher as my home screen replacement. Awesome.

VTL.Launcher Android Screenshot

Overall, CB is my hands-down favorite ROM for gTablet. The interfaces are clean, features are remarkable, and usability is at a peak scale. Be warned though, installing CB is not for the faint-hearted. Installation is for the intermediate to expert user, simply because of the risks involved and the difficult solutions.

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