Acase Stylus

splurged this week (settlement money came in) and purchased the Acase stylus that I have coveted for awhile. Sure, I'm late to the game, but mainly because I didn't look that fun. I tell you though, Acase created a fantastic device!

My point isn't to pontificate on the technical aspects, rather to oogle over how much the stylus changes the tablet experience.

The stylus improves some of the more mundane tasks, such as clicking an app icon. Now, rather than a simple dull thud of my index finger, I can gracefully flick my wrist, and voila, the app opens. Almost like an elegant acrobat.

Joking aside, the stylus has improved the usefulness of note-taking on the tablet (something I'll disccuss soon). I have abandoned paper with the Acase.

I got mine on Amazon. With next day shipping (thank you Prime), I paid about $14. This is worth every penny.

Jeff Taylor

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