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Here's an interesting concept: what if you used Google to manage everything in your law office? What would that look like?

So, here's what I think:

First, you'd use Google Apps to manage email, calendaring, tasks, contacts, and documents. I wrote about this sometime ago. Don't forget too, Google Apps also extends your capabilities for time tracking, accounting, and CRM services, through third-party "connector" applications.

Second, you'd purchase Google-integrated devices such as a smartphone and tablet. With all three of the major cell phone providers carrying ample Android devices to fit your style. You'll also splurge for an Android tablet, such as the Viewsonic gTablet, Asus Transformer, or Motorola Xoom.

Third, you'd purchase a Google Chromebook. The Chromebook is built for a web-like experience, based on Google's popular Chrome browser. The devices are listed for sale through Amazon or BestBuy for about $500.

Fourth, you'd manage your research using Google search or Google Scholar.

Finally, you'd manage information with Google Alerts, Google Reader and Google News.

So, now what are your thoughts?

Jeff Taylor

I'm just an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life. I'm also an attorney and I blog about Android for lawyers. You can follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google+.

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